Latest concrete house in 2 days!

Foam concrete to build up 2 units of Semi-detached house in 2 days!

RBM Building System is a smart building technique, energy efficient which help to save 60% material cost and increase 350% productivity.

RBM Solid Infill Wall systems build up walls using RBM formwork system without using materials such as timbers, nails, and plywood. Foam concrete mix up in our RBM Concrete Machine and it can pump the foam concrete up to 35 storeys (125m height) and 7.5m³ per hour. Hence, mix concrete truck and mobile cranes does not require in the application. Besides, the system also helps to save time and reduces labours while increasing productivity and save materials cost. The system able to cast wall, slab, column, beam and even staircase. It’s an all in one system!

The whole system follow the construction standardize and run with the Industrialised Building System (IBS) and Advanced Building System (ABS).

Suitable for ALL types of Building.Alot Project References!!

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Post time: Aug-19-2019